A note from Kai.

I've been around probiotic product development for a long time. I helped launch probiotic products like Activia and Actimel. With this history and knowing about the mode of action of different probiotic strains, when my daughter was struggling with an immune response after a long bout of antibiotics resulting in a severe dermatitis, I figured I should be able to help. After a year of development with leading probiotic culture producers, I had my drink ready — a drink with the best strains available, the maximum number of bacterials and the greatest amount of postbiotics. After three weeks of trying the formula, I could not believe that I had changed my daughter’s life. Today my daughter has the smoothest skin and has totally abandoned the pain of bleeding inflamed dermatitis. Having seen a real life change I decided this should not be exclusively for my daughter. So I set out to share it with all, and after just getting started, we're receiving more and more testimonials, that this formula works for many more. And, we're excited to keep learning and sharing, to help heal everyone's biome.

In good health,

Easy to drink, with great benefits.