Natural, live and active ingredients that promote gut biome balance and healing

  • Naturally occurring probiotics from our proprietary fermentation process

  • Billions of post-biotic enzymes that promote healing of immune and gut function.

  • Organic coconut water to quench your thirst and hydrate your body.

  • Simple plant-based ingredients to help promote a healthy lifestyle

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Meet Kai, Brandi & Lefty.

Our fermented coconut water comes from a bit of an unlikely beginning!

Our Story
  • Healthy

    We believe that a healthy life is born from healthy foods, so we use only the best, healthiest ingredients we can find to ensure optimum impact on your body.

  • Healing

    We believe that consuming fermented foods that offer probiotic and postbiotic benefits on a regular basis can lead to a more balanced microbiome.

  • Happiness

    We believe that food should be delicious, bring you joy and we work to ensure our recipes do more than make your body happy, but make your soul happy, too.