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Profound 8oz Bottle of Live Coconut Water (6 pack)

Profound 8oz Bottle of Live Coconut Water (6 pack)

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Our single serve bottles come in cases containing 6, 8oz bottles in each.
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A drink that means what it says.


We’re discovering more and more about the human microbiome every day — one of the most profound treasures our bodies possess — a thriving, balanced system within each of us that regulates how well our bodies work.

Our proprietary fermentation approach and pro-biotic and lactic acid blend, produces billions of live beneficial bacteria and valuable metabolic byproducts which are known as “post-biotics.“

Unlike other pro-biotic products that simply focus on the pro-biotic bacteria, we focus just as much on the benefits of post-biotics, because post-biotics directly and indirectly activate your immune system and neurotransmitter processes located in your gut.

With consistent use, we believe you will see that Profound can help restore and rejuvenate your microbiome. Drink 1 glass a day to experience profound change from within your own body.


Probiotic cultures made from cultured milk. Product may contain traces of milk.


Water, Organic coconut water, Malt extract, Organic coconut sugar, calcium carbonate, proprietary lactic
acid and pro-biotic bacteria blend*.

(*we use the world’s most studied
beneficial bacteria)


Profound has a mild flavor with a touch of citrus. This means you can enjoy the beverage straight out of the container, or mix into smoothies, juices, flavored water, or any beverage of your choosing.

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