Our Story

Let us introduce ourselves, We’re Brandi and Kai.

When Brandi was experiencing continued nutritional and severe gut health challenges with her horse named Lefty, despite several years of veterinarian treatments that did not improve his health condition, she turned to Kai. Brandi had met Kai while working in the yogurt industry.  Kai is an internationally renowned expert when it comes to probiotic tinctures and he had developed a special cultured formula to help his daughter improve her gut health related eczema.  Kai was certain that this formula would improve Lefty’s health for good. 

Strong enough for a horse.

Well, over several weeks, Lefty began to show incredible signs of improvement. So much so that Lefty began to compete at a high level again and other competitors were taking notice.  One particular trainer, Tony, inquired about what was in the drink that Brandi and Kai cooked up. Turns out, it was all natural and contained nothing that he wouldn't consume himself.

Strong enough for a human.

Tony asked for a batch that he could consume to see if he could see similar impacts. Not only did he see impacts in how incredible he felt each day, his Dr. on a routine visit, asked him what he was doing to improve his numbers so much. The only thing that changed, Profound.  

More to come!

Now, we don't have all sorts of money to do complicated clinical testing, yet. We're not claiming that our coconut water is going to radically change everyone's life. But, we made a tasty drink, that we know contains billions of the most researched beneficial active bacterials and enzymes hard to find in any other product and we're pretty sure you'll like it. With any luck, we'll continue to learn more and you'll feel better, too. 

Tell us about your experience, we want to hear more!

-Brandi & Kai